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The truly remarkable feature of the Encode Marketing Resource Management software, setting it apart from any other MRM solution on the market today, is its simplicity and flexibility.


We offer three Marketing solutions, Retail, Agency and Marketing, all tailored to fit the solution you need, leaving you to add new functions and sub-systems. The system is 100 % configurable by non-IT experts and can be as simple or as comprehensive as you want it to be. It gives you the ability to implement changes to the system very fast, with no development process needed. Its main advantage is its web-based structure, making the Encode system usable and accessible everywhere, for everyone.


"With Encode Marketing Software you get an expandable and modular approach to your Marketing Process Management"

Encode Marketing®

With Encode Marketing® you don't get a system, what you get is a solution to the challenges that most companies have. It is a collaboration platform for the entire marketing operation; local marketing departments, dealers and subsidiaries.


It provides a simple process that everybody follows and a simple way to manage your marketing process, from product to idea to marketing planning and execution.


Encode Marketing® is the perfect system for Brand Management. The system is your ultimate digital solution for controlling and managing your brand's identity, logos, guidelines, marketing workflows and production management in a local or global marketing department.


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Encode Agency®

Encode Agency® is exactly what your company needs for internal optimization or collaboration management. It is a powerful collaboration tool and provides you with an online portal where users can share documents and assets in all formats, repurpose material, proof and approve online. 


Imagine receiving briefings from clients, notified in your inbox, reviewing them and then sending them to your production department with just one click. Imagine being able to document the process and the work you created together with your client. With Encode Agency® all of this and much more is possible, with a little help from your favorite browser. Your agency will be online and flexible like never before.


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Encode Retail®

Encode Retail® allows the retailer to manage and publish the chain's marketing material and information across multiple media channels. The system helps you solve many of your retail campaign management problems and simplifies the collaboration between the purchasing and marketing department.


Encode Retail® is a standard system that connects marketing, purchasing and graphic design. Combined with an image bank and a product database, Encode Retail® quickly becomes a retailer's data backbone for marketing. The system has many functions necessary when working on detailed campaign planning, including combining of goods, logos, product images, texts, access control, e-mail notifications and workflows.


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